Our Clients

Some of our key clients are:
  • Ministry of Higher Education - Oman
    Technology Consultant

    Presently providing onsite technical consultant for the awarded tender. The consultant works within Software Development Section of IT Department for training of Omani Staff and Development of customized office automation applications, reporting tools, CMS, etc.

  • Ministry of Endowments and Religious Affairs - Oman
    Mosque & Quran School Management System

    Provided web based management system for mosques and Quran schools. The system provides ERP functionality for each mosque and school and have modules like, Staff, Trustees, Maintenance Contracts, Accounts, Attachments, Grants, Volunteers, Assets, etc.

    Vehicle Management System

    The system provides complete solution for managing vehicles, maintenance, journey plans, SMS alerts, drivers, registrations / insurance / fines, vehicle booking system, etc.

  • The Public Authority For Consumer Protection - Oman
    Inspection and complaint management System

    Successfully delivered awarded tender for Inspection and complaint management System. The system is designed and developed on web based and windows mobile platform. Some the they key features are: Barcode/Price capture using mobile devices, issuing fines/tickets and printing receipts from mobile device / printer, workflow system for complaint escalation, advance reports and GPS tracking of field workers via mobile device communication.

  • Ministry of Sports Affairs - Oman
    Sports Club Management System

    Development of web portal for sports club management system for for automation of processes, management of teams/matches, management of members and services. The system provides workflow and SMS reminder options to users and subscribers. The system has many modules like HR, Store, Vehicle, Accounts, Teams, Players, Users, etc.

  • Haya Water - Oman
    Professional Services Consultant

    Presently engaged with provision of Onsite Technical consultant for Oracle EAM & Supply Chain for awarded tender. The Consultant works as team member to achieve implementation of systems as per instructions from IT Department.